Nina Buholzer

About Me

I am a professional dancer, performer, choreographer and dance teacher in various styles including contemporary, jazz, ballet, improvisation, commercial and acrobatics. I was born and raised in Weinfelden, a small town in Switzerland and I currently live and work in Munich, Germany. Ever since I was little, I had always needed to move. My journey began with gymnastics, but after ten years of intense training, I wanted to take my career in the direction of dance. Early in my training I had the opportunity to train at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Ballettschule für das Opernhaus Zürich and the Zentrum für Musik und Tanz in Weinfelden as a member of a Swiss Olympic Sports program. Following my graduation in 2019, I began my three year education at Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich and there was able to learn from so many in-house and guest teachers such as Johannes Härtl, Katja Wachter, Emese Nagy, Bojana Nenadovic, Hannes Langolf, Heidi Weiss, David Cahier, Kenan Dinkelmann and many more. I danced in numerous performances and for which worked with choreographers such as Nadine Gerspacher, Minka-Marie Heiß, Marta Rak, Isabella Blum und Volker Michl. Not only was I dancing in varieties of works, I also had the possibility to create my own. I choreographed and put my ideas on stage and in video projects. Since 2017 I have been teaching various styles for students of all ages. I look forward to a career of being a dancer and exploring further movement possibilities and styles. 

Upcoming Events

„Licenced to Dance“

Choreographies by Tamara Gvozdenivic, Jorge Crecis, Carlos Aller and Katja Wachter

„Dance Fusion“

Musikschule Weinfelden meets IWANSON  International

Choreography by Tamara Gvozdenivic

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Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions.